Sucess Stories
Working for own products invites a number of problems and risks for the artisan and one of them is the availability of the market for their products. Artisans working for their own products have to look for the customers themselves and since they will be having production on a smaller scale, they have to look for the customers in the vicinity or domestic market in order to make the efforts of making their own product cost effective. Financial conditions don’t allow them to collect their manufactured products and then look for customer. Hence it is very difficult for them to get the better customer for their products and the resultant is that they quit to work independently and prefer to work for their master where they face no. of problems of market since in that case they are bothered about their labour and have no concern about the end utilization of the products being manufactured.

And during the interaction with the trainees it was observed that 02 months Skill Upgradation and Capacity Building Training course benefitted majority of the Trainees in respect that they got awareness about SHG formation and its benefits, Formation of Cooperative societies, Marketing trends, various schemes etc as they were unaware of modern technologies, Market interventions, Benefits of group formation, Benefits of various schemes etc and after completing the training many of them left working for their masters and started work for their own in order to avail all the benefits .Also various post trainees joined together to form groups and Cooperative Societies. Some of the success stories of post trainees are:

1. Bashir Ahmed War:-
From last two decades I have been working as a weaver and have seen rise and fall in this trade. The day when I joining the training I was of the opinion that there would be few things which will come in a way to boost up the morale of artisans but not only this I felt a change first in myself. My whole pattern of working got revolutionized and I started to look at a broader picture. Now I don’t make carpets in an old fashion way but me and my artisan friends have a well defined pathway. Now we keep in mind the requirements of market and customer satisfaction.

2. Arshid Hussain Bhat:-
By carpet trade I have earned my living. From last many years I am dealing with carpets both as a buyer and seller. By virture of this training programme now I have understood how market behaves and what is appropriate for the same. Earlier it was difficult to arrange the work force and required no. of pieces and now by getting awareness about SHG’s, and cooperative societies this problem has finally under gone a solution. Here at ADC 02 (saidakadal) we have been successful in making and registering a cooperative society and are hoping for its bright future.

3. Firdous Ahmed Sofi:-
The day when I joined the carpet trade everyone used to give a negative feedback because they had seen dark picture of the people associated with it at ground level. Because of my young age I was advised or merely one can say was forced to leave the business but this programme came as a life line and encouraged me to continue my business now I know the doors and the ways of success and the same has started bearing fruits now I sell my carpets at a very good price which earlier was just a mere dream.

4. Ishfaq Ahmed Bhat:-
I don’t know how what others have taken out of this training programme but now I don’t sell my carpets for nothing. I successfully sell them on rates of my preference. One cannot imagine the level of satisfaction which I felt at the time when I sold my first carpet on my rate. Further I would like to add here that from my childhood I know a verse, “Union is strength”, but the discovery of its actual meaning has undergone here at this training centre. The society formation I would say is a life line for this particular trade and us (artisans) all.

5. Ali Mohammad Gugree:-
We were of the opinion that we are master of all jacks but coming here and attending this programme has turned our thinking upside down we have learnt a new way of doing a business and a way to stand on our own legs there was no concept neither of market nor of customer and group formation was altogether an out of the box thing for us. We have been successful for a preliminary formation of the same. Personally I have felt how important are the little constituents of quality such as gravitational pull and the density , how important is to make a carpet from the perspective of customer has been a great learning experience.