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1. Design Creation & Development
1.1   Introduction of Carpet Design Software
  • The Institute has been instrumental in the introduction of a locally developed Carpet Design Software in the field of carpet designing wherein carpet designs are automatically converted into Taleem Scripts (a unique Coded Pattern) and designs thus created/developed are saved for ever.
  • This innovation has eased the design work enormously as it used to take months together for a group of persons comprising of Naqash (Designer), Taleem Writer and a Taleem Copyist to make the carpet design of standard size and to transfer the design drafted on graph paper (outline only) into the coded pattern known as taleem in the local language.
  • With the help of this technology, one can view the complete design on the monitor of a computer before actually making its carpet so that necessary changes, if required, can be incorporated accordingly.
1.2    Establishment of Design Studio
  • A Design Studio equipped with latest digital equipments including few world famous imported Design Software’s has been established in the Institute wherein 837 carpet and 160 Kani Shawl Designs have been developed in the digital form with the application of these Softwares.
  • These designs have been provided to the industry in the form of computerized taleem against nominal charges generating revenue of Rs. 34.0 Lacs till date.
1.3    Setting up of Design Bank for the carpet craft
  • With the view to preserve old/traditional carpet designs which are available in the form of manually written taleem papers (coded pattern), the Institute has set up a Design Bank in the digital format for the Carpet craft.
  • The digitization of Taleem papers of some 325 old/traditional carpet designs has been done. These designs have been preserved in the soft form for ever and they now can be recreated as per the market requirements for further development.