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The Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Srinagar has been established by office of Development Commissioner-(Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and Industries and Commerce Department, Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir with the objective to provide necessary technical support to Carpet Industry of Jammu and Kashmir. The activities of the Institute revolve around below mentioned portfolios: Human Resource Development (HRD) Design Creation & Development (DCD) Research & Development (R&D) Technical Services



GI-Carpets Certified Kashmir Hand-Knotted Carpets with GI. No. 527

Designs Created Creation of Innovative Designs based on the Current Market Demand

Digitized Old Scripts Preservation of Hand Written Taleem Scripts in Digital Form

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IICT, Srinagar provides necessary technical support to the regional Carpet Industry of Jammu and Kashmir through Human Resource Development (HRD), Design Creation & Development (DCD), Research & Development (R&D), and Technical Services & Facilities (TSF) to the Industry.

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GI Tagging of Hand-Knotted Carpets

The GI (Geographical Indication) tagging of Kashmir Hand Knotted Carpets is a significant step in recognizing and certifying the authenticity of these exquisite handcrafted masterpieces. This certification not only safeguards the traditional craftsmanship of the artisans in the Kashmir region but also assures consumers of the genuine and unique nature of these carpets. It reinforces the cultural heritage and artisanal skills that have been passed down through generations, making Kashmir Hand Knotted Carpets a symbol of both craftsmanship and heritage, and offering consumers the assurance of acquiring a true piece of art.

Price ₹ 150

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Design Creation

The creation of designs for Kashmir Hand Knotted Carpets, Hand Knotted Pashmina, and Kani Shawls through advanced design software such as Naqash and PLC represents a modern approach to preserving and evolving traditional craftsmanship. These software tools enable artisans to translate their intricate and culturally rich design ideas into precise digital formats, facilitating more efficient production while retaining the essence of Kashmiri artistry. By embracing technology while staying true to their heritage, artisans can ensure that these designs are faithfully recreated and adapted to contemporary demands, making them more accessible to a wider audience without compromising on authenticity or quality. This harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation showcases the enduring allure of Kashmir's artistic traditions in the digital age.

Price ₹ 500

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Chemical Dyeing

The dyeing of raw materials with Azo-Free chemicals represents a responsible and eco-friendly approach to coloration in the textile industry. By eliminating the use of Azo dyes, which can release harmful aromatic amines when they break down, this process ensures that textiles are colored without posing potential health or environmental risks. Azo-Free dyes are a safer alternative, as they do not contain these problematic compounds, and they adhere to stringent regulatory standards for textile production. This approach aligns with sustainable and ethical practices, reducing the ecological footprint while still achieving vibrant and lasting coloration in textiles. It exemplifies a commitment to both quality and environmental consciousness in the textile dyeing process.

Price ₹ 150

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Natural Dyeing

The eco-conscious use of regional natural resources like Chinar Leaves, Deodar Pine, and Saffron Petals for dyeing textiles reflects a sustainable and culturally rich approach. This method not only celebrates biodiversity but also preserves the authenticity and environmental integrity of Kashmir Hand-Knotted Carpets, making them coveted in a globally conscious market.

Price ₹ 250

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Arshad Hussain Bhat

Carpet Businessman

By carpet trade I have earned my living. From last many years I am dealing with carpets both as a buyer and seller. By virtue of this training programme now I have understood how market behaves and what is appropriate for the same. Earlier it was difficult to arrange the work force and required no. of pieces and now by getting awareness about SHGs, and cooperative societies this problem has finally under gone a solution.

Firdous Ahmad Sofi

Carpet Businessman

The day when I joined the carpet trade everyone used to give a negative feedback because they had seen dark picture of the people associated with it at ground level. Because of my young age I was advised or merely one can say was forced to leave the business but this programme came as a life line and encouraged me to continue my business now I know the doors and the ways of success and the same has started bearing fruits now.

Bashir Ahmad War


From last two decades I have been working as a weaver and have seen rise and fall in this trade. The day when I joined the training I was of the opinion that there would be few things which will come in a way to boost up the morale of artisans but not only this I felt a change first in myself. My whole pattern of working got revolutionized and I started to look at a broader picture. Now I dont make carpets in an old fashion way but me and my artisan friends have a well defined pathway.

Who`s Who

Sh. Manoj Sinha

Hon`ble Lt. Governor, Union Territory of J&K

Sh. Vikramjit Singh, IPS

Commissioner/Secretary to Govt., Industries & Commerce Dept. / Chairman Executive Committee, IICT Srinagar

Sh. Mehmood Ahmad Shah

Director, Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir / Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee, IICT Srinagar

Sh. Zubair Ahmad

Director, IICT Srinagar / Member Secretary Executive Committee



Baghi-Ali-Mardan-Khan, Nowshera, Srinagar-190011, J&K (India)





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